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Longterm tracking at the highest standard of accuracy
A blood-pressure monitor that works with your iOS and Android device via Bluetooth !

The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

It’s as easy as this

It’s as easy as this

The WiThings Blood Pressure Monitor was developed to work perfectly with iOS and Android devices and is really easy to use. Just wrap the automatically inflating sleeve around your arm and connect it to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and Android Smart Phones. The WiThings app will start up automatically and instantly perform a blood pressure measurement. The results are then saved on your iOS or Android device.


  • You will no longer need to take notes of your results or calculate average values by hand. All this is now taken care of by the WiThings Blood Pressure Monitor.
  • Your blood pressure values are always at your fingertips.
  • The free Health Mate app by WiThings displays your measurements using easily understandable graphs.
  • No matter if you’re at home or on the go: You can view your values directly on your smartphone or on the internet by accessing your Withings account.
  • Your results can easily be sent to your doctor - which could easily save you some trips to your GP.


Clear results and timeline

You will always have a clear, detailed view of your measurement results, which will be set into relation with guide values. This lets you view a chronological table of your results and compare them to WHO benchmarks.

The WiThings Health Mate can save your morning and afternoon values separately, which makes their analysis as easy as possible.

Clear results and timeline
A mobile health monitor that fits any pocket

A mobile health monitor that fits any pocket

The Blood Pressure Monitor boasts a sleek, modern design - so you do not need to hide it. As it comes complete in one piece, with not additional cables or docks, it is easily transportable.

Data collection

Oscillometric measurement.
Pressure: from 40 to 230 mmHg; Precision ±3mmHg or 2% of the reading,
Pulse: between 30 and 200 beats per minute; Precision ±5%,
Automatic inflation and controlled release for rapid and reliable measurements.
Data collection
By the way ...

By the way ...

Used with an iPad, the Blood Pressure Monitor is a viable product for elderly people with no prior knowledge of computers. We have only had positive experiences with this amongst our friends and family.

The WiThings Blood Pressure Monitor also works great with Calories 3! You can have your results sent directly from your mobile device to Calories - in real time and instant updates to your statistics.


  • User-specific monitoring
  • Comparison to WHO guide values
  • Automatic storage of values
  • Export development curves and results
  • Private, password protected website to view results
  • Monitor blood pressure and pulse
  • Separate measurements for guest users possible
  • Supported web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

  • The WiThings Blood Pressure Monitor connects via Bluetooth Smart to any iOS device and Android devices supporting BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • No internet connection is required to use the Blood Pressure Monitor or access measurement results.
  • Internet connection is required to access data stored online.

Technical specifications
  • Digital, automatic blood pressure monitor by WiThings
  • Method of measurement: Pressure cuff, upper arm measured oscillometrically.
  • Air pump (15 mmHg/s) automatically inflates arm cuff
  • Measuring range (blood pressure): 0 - 250 mmHg
  • Measuring range (pulse): 30 - 200 beats/min.
  • Measurement accuracy (blood pressure): Discrepancy of +/- 3 mmHg or 2% max.
  • Measurement accuracy (pulse): Discrepancy of 5% max.
  • Environmental conditions:
  • In use: 10 - 40°C; 15 - 90% relative humidity
  • In storage: -20 - 60°C. 10 - 95% relative humidity
  • Batteries: 4x 1.5V AAA (included)
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 14cm x 10cm; ~600g (excluding batteries)

In the box
  • WiThings Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 4 x 1.5V AAA batteries
  • User manual
Free Withings app:

The Blood Pressure Monitor is a product by SAS WiThings, France.



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159.00 USD
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Name Withings Blood pressure
Manufacturer Withings
Type Health and fitness gadgets
Supports Bloodpressure
Coverage Bloodpressure and pulse
App connection Yes
MacOS Yes
iOS Yes
W 15 x L 10 x H 14 cm, 0.0 m2
Available variations Wired with dock connector - iOS only
Wireless for iOS and Android

No review available


Präzise und hochwertig

29.11.2013, Wolfgang

Der Blutdruckmonitor ist hochwertig verarbeitet und misst sehr genau. Mein Hausarzt ist auch total begeistert, insbesondere wegen der Messdaten, die ich ihm alle übersichtlich in der Withings App auf meinem iPad zeigen könnte.

Einziger kleiner Mangel, und daher nur 4 Sterne, ist der Dock-Connector. Eine Version mit Lightning Connector gibt es leider noch nicht - aber mit dem Apple Lightning Adapter kann ich das Gerät problemlos auch am iPad Air oder meinem 5er iPhone anschließen.


Withings Pulse

30.09.2013, A. Gmeiner

Das Pulse funktioniert gut. Leider kann es leicht verloren gehen, weshalb es schon mein 2. ist.


Funktioniert exakt wie in der Werbung beschrieben

21.08.2013, H. Giefing


Klein, fein, handlich...

16.08.2013, U. Münichsdorfer

Man merkt es kaum beim tragen. Die Daten werden blitzschnell übertragen - wirklich einfach in der Handhabung. Kann ich nur empfehlen.


Meine Bewertung

29.01.2013, Frank Wollweber

Wollte nur sagen: Ich hab die auch und finde die immer wieder klasse. Habe mittlerweile bereits mehrere Freunde mit dem Ding begeistert.

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Further products in this series

Gibt es das Modul auch in der NÖTIGEN Version für Lightning Dock ?Oder muß man selber zusehen, wie man es verbunden bekommt . . . nur wegen des GlucoDock das aktuelle iPhone verkaufen und sich ein uraltes Modell besorgen, macht eher keinen SinnVielen Da

«Das GlucoDock gibt es bislang nur mit Dock Connector. Mit dem Apple Lightning Adapter kann GluckoDock auch am iPhone 5, 5c, 5s betrieben werden. Der Hersteller Medisana hat bisher keine Version mit Lightning Anschluss angekündigt oder einen Termin in Aussicht gestellt.»

So how do I connect my withings pulse to calories 3

«With the next free update of Calories 3 we will enable support for Withings Pulse. We expect to release it in late august.»

Will the Calories 3 app import data from Withings and Nike+ products (scale, BP cuff, Nike+ Fuel Band)?

«All Withings devices - except Withings Pulse will be supported in a few weeks - are supported. Nice not yet.»


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